Sponsors and Special Mentions

These are our personal hero's, without their support this trip would still be just a sangria fuelled pipe dream.


Wild Wind Fitness

Andy has been an amazing support for us. He not only helped us get in physical shape by designing a workout plan to build the strength we would need to start the trip off strong.

Blacknot Farm

Blacknot Farm has helped us in a few unconventional ways. We were able to share a booth at Festival du Voyageur and 

Borealis Bushcraft

Jon and Roland have been - and continue to be! - invaluable in teaching us about working with and in the bush in order to help us prepare for life in the wilderness. Fire skills, navigation and shelter building practice are only a few things that are getting us just a little closer to being more secure in the natural world. 

Hofman Outdoor Gear Supply

HOGS is a fantastic Manitoba-based company of both gear and supplies for making your own, if you're so inclined. They are sponsoring the team and have been an incredible support thus far!

Kendra will be making her way across Canada with a HOGS' 49th Parallel (their gear brand) Aurora hammock. A full post on that to come!

The Wilderness Supply Co.

Wilderness Supply and their wonderful staff have been a wealth of information and advice on outdoor adventuring. They are also one of our main go-to stores for gear and where we're getting our 20' Wenonah canoe. 

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Ash is a white water canoe instructor who helped us conquer our fears of fast water and getting the occasional ding in our boat. He also showed us how to fix the dings that we collected during the class.


Charles spent a few evenings with us teaching us the basics of paddling and going over our technique.

Mike Ranta

If there's anyone who understands canoeing across the country, it's Mike. From offering anecdotes and experiences to helping us plan our route, we couldn't ask for a better friend and mentor. (And Spitzii too of course!)

Click here for Mike's website!


By teaching us canoeing skills, acting as an experienced resource and guiding us on our first trip of the season, Pizey is helping us get just that much closer to having the ability to make our expedition a reality. 


One of the many fantastic people at Wilderness Supply, Mario has gone above and beyond what his job could ask of him, helping us with everything from deciding on a canoe, to giving us advice on paddle types, to acting as our link to W.S.. 

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