St. John - So Close!

As excited as we were to finish off our journey today, Mother Nature has her own plans. We awoke in the night after hours of heavy rain to find the tent wall bellowed inwards trying to envelope us in our sleeping bags. Our poor boat, Wheezy was blown over and required re-positioning as to not fly away. My heart sunk a little realizing that we would not be getting on the water in the morning. Alas we snuggled back into the orange palace (our warm and stable Marmot Limelight tent). Around 8:30 in the morning just as I was awaking from slumber I heard a quiet "Good morning". I lifted my head and looked at the other two, they were still laying down. I sat up and heard it again. I replied and opened the fly. There was a man outside! He was from up the road and heard we were camped there by a friend from up the road. He wanted to know if we would like to come inside for coffee and tea. We never turn down a welcomed warm beverage. After checking the weather for the day we found that there would be very strong winds for the day and what appears to be a potential hurricane coming up the coast further east. We are putting off our arrival to Saint John by a day to avoid the heavy winds. Tomorrow looks to be a much more enjoyable day. Wish us luck that we will make it!

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