Final Leg!

The byway babes are on their final leg of the journey. Here is what has been happening: Since leaving Killarney we’ve had a great time paddling the French River, Mattawa river, and Ottawa River. The scenery has been absolutely gorgeous, the portages not so much. Although along the Mattawa River the portages were very well marked and even had some cute signs that made it a little less displeasing. Unfortunately while we were running some rapids Wheezy got into a little bit of trouble getting a small crack just on the interior not all the way through. Luckily Rylea was able to whip up a little vacuum seal to get the epoxy all the way into the crack. We made it all the way to Pembroke Ontario without a hitch, for the most part. Where we ran in to some standing waves and were unable to keep them from getting inside the boat. Alas another capsizing. This one was a little less fun than the last. There was definitely a lot more current this time around. It felt like we had been in the water for maybe only 10 minutes before we were rescued by a kayak who then waved down his friend in a motorboat. We later found out we had been in the water for a total of about 45 minutes, much longer than we had suspected. After being rescued and brought to shore we were greeted by some cops. Apparently some people had called 911 after seeing us fall out of our boat. The first Quebec cop just wanted to make sure we were okay, after she was assured she went on her way. The second two who were OPP took a full statement from us, at least officer Pinkerton was very easy on the eyes. We ended up at Gerry’s (the one from the motor boat) place just a couple hundred meters from where we washed ashore. He had two beds, a couch and a warm shower which was very welcoming after having been in the water for so long. After going for yet another unexpected swim we decided it would be prudent of us to skip over the upcoming rapids on the Ottawa river. We were fortunate enough that Claire’s parents were meeting up with the girls and were able to drive us all the way to Ottawa. We really lucked out with this as the next day the tornado came through the Ottawa and Gatineau area. By the time we got back on the Ottawa river the weather had turned for the worse. We only had one good day of paddling, the next day was much too windy for us to continue and we ended up getting off the water. The next few days were rainy and stormy so we were forced to to get a ride to Montreal in order to stay on schedule. We are now continuing our journey on the St. Lawrence River and currently headed for Quebec city. Then soon afterwards we will be in New Brunswick. We are still on schedule to finish on October 16 in St. John New Brunswick.

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