We can do this!

Our journey on Lake Superior began in Thunder Bay on August 15, after chatting with locals and getting the lowdown on places to watch out for on the lake and all the great spots to check out. We had some magnificent days on the water where it was surprisingly calm and sunny out. We also faced many days with strong winds and big waves, some of which were too much for us to be on the water. There was also a week stretch with many thunderstorms and we were stranded at our campsite, unable to continue for sometimes two days at a time. After making it to Marathon we stayed with a couple of wonderful host families and were stuck for another couple of days. Our stay in marathon however was not dampened by the weather as our hosts were over joyed to have us stay with them.

We finally reached Wawa on September 3, we camped at Naturally Superior Adventures at the mouth of the Michpicoten River. This was much later than we were hoping for and it is getting quite late in the season to be on such a vast and sometimes fickle lake. We were at a cross roads; do we continue on this path and possibly not make it all the way to Saint John, NB? Or do we skip ahead to the more manageable water ways? We came to the unanimous decision to skip ahead and ensure our arrival in Saint John, in order to continue our fight to raise awareness and hopefully one day a cure for cystic fibrosis. We got a ride half way, to Sault Ste. Marie, where luckily we had an amazing host family to stay with for a couple nights. The next half of the drive was up in the air as we did not have a ride to Killarney as of yet. After putting out some feelers within the community there were no responses. Our hosts graciously offered to drive us out there! We were thrilled and humbled. We made it to Killarney where we met up with our friend Mike Ranta, a fellow paddler and adventurist (who has paddled across country about 4 times). Had a great tour of the beautiful town of Killarney and will definitely be back to this flourishing town. The plan is to head out on September 7th and arrive in Saint John New Brunswick on October 16th. Check out our Route page under the trip tab to see other arrival dates in between.

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