Adios Manitoba!

I had the pleasure of meeting up with this group of brave ladies at a cottage near Pointe Du Bois. They had some great stories to tell about their adventures from Winnipeg to here. I am amazed every time I speak to them that there are so many helpful and generous people out there. They met up with some people by Lac Du Bonnet who put them up and fed them for a night just for a chance to hear some of their stories, thank you Penners! and also thanks to all those other kind and generous people out there! They stopped at Jennifers Restaurant for lunch in Seven Sisters and had a great time and they also were in Pinawa provincial park with a group of people. They had a bit of a rough time getting through Lake Nutimik and the boat swamped so they had to swim with the boat and gear in tow about a kilometer to shore. They were still smiling while they were waiting to dry off some. They did lose their sea-tug and so we assisted them over the slave falls dam so that they could make it up to Pointe Du Bois before night fall. They spent a day here to catch their breath before heading on out with some assist over the Pointe Du bois dam and they are now in Ontario headed towards Kenora.

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