Onward Ho!

It was a cool morning on June 24 as the Byway Babes gathered at the Forks to continue on their epic journey. Family members gathered to wish them well and cheer them on as they packed up their canoe (I have no idea how they get all their gear in there!), said their farewells and paddled away down the Red river. They were able to do some calculation and are hoping to make the following timetable:

Arrive in Kenora Jul-9

Arrive in Thunder Bay Jul-28

Arrive in Sault Ste. Marie Aug-17

Arrive in Ottawa Sep-2

Arrive in Montreal Sep-7

Arrive in Quebec City Sep-11

Arrive in Fredricton Sep-29

Arrive in Saint John Oct-4

Note that these dates changed slightly since first posted on the Route page as they needed to account for the damn portages on the Winnipeg river.

We also met up with them under the disraeli bridge to drop off some groceries before they headed out of town!

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