Better late than never Post!

As you all know, the Byway Babes set off on their great adventure in the beginning of April. They trekked across BC with the help of a “motored portage vehicle”. They spent 4 days on the Frasier River, it was tough going for them as it was upstream and raining most of the time. They pulled out of the Frasier at Chilliwack and then proceeded to the Okanagan Valley where they canoed for 3 days up the Okanagan Lake starting from just before Summerland. Then it was on to Salmon Arm where they canoed in the Shuswap for another 3 days before being driven over the Rockies and left in Calgary to wait for the Bow River to be clear enough of ice that they could start paddling.

On April 25, they started paddling the Bow River and have been in the river systems ever since. They stopped in Medicine Hat where they received support from the local Paddling club in the way of food, lodging and knowledge. There is a Military base down from medicine hat on the South Saskatchewan that you had to call ahead before you could paddle through and they would not let them go until the Saturday so spent a couple of extra days in Medicine Hat. They were well taken care of here and I personally would like to send out a thank you to all the people who have given their time and energy into helping these courageous women on their journey.

They continue to travel down the South Saskatchewan and are currently on the Qu’Appelle River. They have met many generous people along the way and maybe made a friend or two. They made a stop in Lumsden for a couple of days to pick up a food drop in Regina and enjoy the generosity of this small town and of course visit the distillery which I hear has excellent vodka!

I hope to hear more of their adventures and will try to post more as I receive information.

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