A Trip Down the Assiniboine

The Assiniboine River, despite its size, is a pretty easy paddle in late May (at least in the downriver direction). As our first Big River paddling excursion, Rylea and I took a rented canoe (a beautiful Nova Craft 16' Prospector from Wilderness Supply) and spent our Saturday travelling leisurely from Beaudry Provincial Park to a pier just past The Forks.

Now, when I say leisurely, I mean that; we took five hours to move approximately 40km, including a 30-45 minute break at Omand's Creek since we were making such good time. Using an app called Glympse, we were able to tell that even if we weren't paddling at all, we moved along at a decent pace of about 7km/hr.

Overall it was a nice easing into river paddling, the only minor challenges being maneuvering the bridges (and the turbulence they caused) and getting off the Assiniboine onto Omand's Creek (I may or may not have over steered and sent us a few inches into the soft clay bank). We plan on doing the same run at least once later in the year and seeing just how quickly we can do it - should be fun!

#canoetrip #canoeing #practice #daytrip #riverpaddle

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