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A logo is meant to identify something as belonging or being a part of a particular group or organization. It should embody the values and purpose of the group and easily create a link in people's minds between the things it represents and whatever it's plastered all over.

Very early on in our planning of the trip we knew we wanted to have a distinct brand to help unite our efforts over social media, our website and out in the real world. The problem was, we're a trio of very strong, creative women who all had a bit of our own ideas of what it should be. Besides that, although we all have some form of digital design experience (my own being years back in high school), none of us is a graphic designer.

Our first draft, a beautifully done pin-up style beaver by Rylea, was eye-catching and stylish, but resulted in some controversy in the group over the potential repercussions since some people hear about our national animal (or at least one of them, the other being the Canadian horse) and think of crude references to women's bodies.

After much debate, we left the logo and our original name (The Paddlin' Beaver Babes) behind and started trying to come up with something new. We decided on more of a team effort this time, not least because I (our new logo designer) had probably the least experience in actual design in our group. We wanted our symbol to be something we all approved of and wanted to be seeing quite a lot of for the next couple years and beyond.

The inspiration for the general shape and look of our second attempt came from the merit badges that programs such as Scouts and Girl Guides use. We likes the strong look of the triangle and inverse triangles especially are a common female symbol. The main colours, teal and vermilion (orangy-red), came from Rylea's original design, and we were all still rather taken with them, so we incorporated them into the new one.

Details like the paddle markings and the rounded line of the break between the text section and the bottom part were mostly spontaneous and had more to do with looks than anything originally, but now I like to think they represent a rising sun the three of us.

Still, as of today, the logo still isn't finished. It's currently going through a second re-designing, though not a complete re-imagining this time. We decided to simplify and streamline the look of it, as well as work to integrate the components. We aim to create curvier edges, sharper corners and less childish lines to bring our logo closer to properly symbolizing us and our coming adventure.

Edit (May 2017): Our finished logo!


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