How this happened: Kendra

Adventuring has always been a part of my daydreams. I’ve admired adventurers and travelers for about as long, imagining myself in their shoes on my own journeys and telling myself: someday. Then, sitting across the table at my family’s cottage in Ontario, Rylea handed me the possibility of my very own adventure. “Would you want to,” and “yes” constituted most of the conversation.

The next couple of days were spent dreaming and considering and list-making and looking back, I can tell you with certainty that most of the things on those lists were more than a little inspired by copious amounts of sangria and hot weather. We will not, in fact, be bringing along a full bar.

We bemoaned the lack of internet, longing to start looking things up and planning, but we made due with wild and impractical brainstorming. Most of the exciting explorations were out of our reach for the time, but we were able to decide on one essential piece of the puzzle: who we’d bring with us. Claire came to mind immediately, and so the Byway Babes were born.

…Not really though, because first we had to convince Claire we weren’t complete and total lunatics (the jury’s still out on that one) and that this whole thing wasn’t just an impossible pipe dream (more progress on that front). Then we had to come up with a name for our caper, which was no easy task either.

Still, I’m closer to my adventure than I’ve ever been and that in itself is so exciting I hardly believe it sometimes.

Onward, to the great beyond! (In approximately a year and a half.)

#beginning #trip #idea

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