Gear: Odds and Ends

Portage Cart
Food Equipment
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Footwear and Clothes

Thrift stores and sales for the win! 

Outdoor clothing is crazy expensive as we've found, so we've needed to be smart about where we spend our money. 

Layering is a crucial skill that we're still developing, but second-hand stores  are an excellent source for wool sweaters and the occasional (very rare) pair of pants. 

Here's an example of what Kendra's cool weather outfit might look like. 


Straight shaft, bent shaft, double bent shaft? Directional, symmetrical or t-style grips? Wood or Kevlar? Otter-tail, beaver-tail, whitewater, sugar islet blade? Paddles are more complicated than you'd think.  

Byway Babes fun fact - all three of us have the same length torso (despite a range of heights), which means we can all share paddles!

The team currently has three Grey Owl Voyageur paddles and Kendra has a Bending Branches Bent Sunburst. There's also a couple nameless paddles from Canadian Tire floating around. We're thinking about getting some folding/telescopic paddles to strap into the boat as spares. 

Packs and Storage

How much space is too much space?


Currently the plan is to have a pair of SealLine 115L Pro Portage Packs (pictured) and a 60L food barrel. Inside the portage packs we'll have an assortment of dry bags, stuff sacks and compression sacks. 

Side note: the portage packs may or may not be big enough to comfortably bathe in. 

Portage Cart


Food Equipment

Pots with lids - which double as pans!

We went with a GSI stainless set, since it's durable and can be used on both fire and stove. 

Another must for us are containers for re-hydrating food - we can put in the dry stuff and some water, then leave it!

In our test trips, we discovered that we only usually need two forks and two spoons - Rylea eats most things with a fork while Claire eats nearly everything with a spoon. Kendra is the swinger in the group. Knives are entirely unnecessary in terms of cutlery, since all of us always have at least one knife on our belts at all times.  


Currently our thinking here is that we'll each have a full-tang 5-8" knife on our persons at all times for miscellaneous tasks and in case of emergencies, as well as potential for folding saws, pocket knives, multi-tools... We're still a bit undecided on this one.