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Personal Flotation Device
Bear Bangers
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We decided on (and are thrilled with!) three Astral BlueJackets! Kendra is blue, Claire is red and Rylea is green!

These PFDs are fantastic for us as women - lots of chest space and extremely adjustable, not to mention massive pocket space!

A question we're often asked is whether or not we'll bring a gun with us. Currently our plan is to bring bear bangers only. The thinking is that since none of us are skilled enough with a gun to be confident enough with a gun to expect to be able to kill a bear that came at us, it would be better not to fire one at all. 

Different from a GPS Navigation unit, a PLB is a last resort call for help. We're currently looking at ACR's ResQLink+. 

Check it out here



First Aid

Our starting point is an Adventure Medical Backcountry kit. We have so far added a QuikClot sponge, Ibuprofen and allergy meds. More to come I'm sure!

Have an opinion or suggestion on gear? Contact us and let us know!