What are we doing to get ready?

Weekly Meetings

Knowing how busy everyone in the team is, some people are surprised that with only a few exceptions (Christmas, for example), we've met at least once a week since autumn 2016. This is the backbone of our preparations and is what keeps us on track with to-do lists, events and building out strength as a team. 


We are working with Andy Orobko (of Wild Wind Fitness) to get in shape for the expedition. We get together once a week with Andy to do group workouts, then do individual workouts (because of our busy schedules and the tragedy that is Real Life) 3-4 times a week. Right now (December 2017) we are working on strength foremost; in the new year we'll up the ante with more cardio and likely 4-5 workouts per week. 

Wilderness Training

We are working with Borealis Bushcraft to gain and hone skills that will help us survive and - if we work at it - thrive out in nature. It will be important that we know what to do in both everyday and emergency situations in the back-country. 

Cold Water Training

On a canoe trip, there's always a chance you'll end up in 'the drink'. One of the largest sources of risk in taking to the water, especially if everyone is wearing their required PFD, is cold exposure. Part of being prepared to deal with submersion is to know in advance how your body will react, which is accomplished by doing cold water training in a controlled environment. The general rule of thumb for cold water is what's called 1-10-1: one minute where the body freaks right out and your best option is to let it, 10 minutes of working time (to get yourself out) and one our in which you can survive the cold. This of course is variable depending on the specific situation. Check out our blog post 'Cold Water Training is Terrible' to read about our experience. (Hint: it wasn't super fun.)

Weekly Paddles - unfortunately done for the season

In an effort to amass as much additional experience as we can this summer, we are fitting in paddling when we can. Part of this is attending as many of Paddle Manitoba's Open Paddle Nights as we can, whether in canoes or kayaks. 

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